Much more than a tracking system

A management system.

Mucho más que un sistema de seguimiento

Un sistema de gestión.

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Road Safety

Enables preventive and corrective actions to monitor the driving behavior at your organization.


Urbetrack's Core Structure

Our platform is based on an easily scalable layer architecture that supports multiple devices and users. It features a mapping functionality to view the location and spatial journey of an asset through different maps. The actions and messaging module operates at the right time, according to pre-defined business rules, generating preventive alarms.
Ubertrack features Uberlink—a module that enables easy integration with corporate systems


Document Control

The system allows to keep a record of all documents involved in the operation, and early due date management, notifying the pertinent parties.


Logistics & Distribution

Integrates planning and follows up on adequate delivery against the plan; provides visibility of the logistics cycle and potential departures based on reports on mapping layers or mimic panels.


Third Party Control & Integration

The platform is prepared to integrate several satellite system suppliers. It also features a module that allows to monitor the fulfillment of third party's services based on millage, worked hours or executed instructions.


HR Management

By identifying the personnel involved in the organization's several operating cycles, Urbetrack can get to know at which time and for how long an employee has been engaged in a trip, on the premises, or developing some process. The platform allows for employee traceability in the organization's operation.


Fuel Consumption Control

Seeking to optimize operational costs, our platform calculates estimated consumption and/or fuel delivery by vehicle.


Urbe Mobile

We offer a portfolio of solutions integrated to Urbetrack running on smartphones or tablets. Basic tracking systems, messaging and photo sharing.


Vehicle Tracker / AVL

Urbetrack’s core structure. Meets the expectations of businesses that initially need to view their fleet positioning/journeys in real time and receive alarms upon a departure from their control rules.



Telemetry now allows to share data between two remote units for decision-making, based on immediate analysis.


We embrace many markets

We have broad experience in management projects across several markets.

Concrete, Cement & Aggregate Factories

We have expertise in these companies, covering their entire business cycle from planning to fulfilment of deliveries. We retrieve telemetry on mixer rotation, hopper ignition and weighting. We boast a leading position in this segment.

Oil & Gas

We cover the entire business cycle, from staff attendance, project follow-up, equipment maintenance, DTM control, road safety, and cost monitoring. Telemetry on fuel delivery and levels, drilling equipment and identification.

Urban Hygiene

We cover the entire business cycle from planning, journey tracking, claim consolidation, audit control and follow-up on inspectors, route scheduling, and service traceability. Telemetry: Containers, sweeping equipment, flusher, etc.

Government Agencies

We have expertise in this segment, covering several agency areas, from transportation, public works, and patrol cars, to gender-based violence, and public area oversight and services. Telemetry: Engines, tanks, generators and others.

Public Utility Services

We have expertise in several utility services companies, covering different business cycles. From fleet to personnel management, operation monitoring, and road safety, to document control and others.

Logistics & Distribution

We have expertise in several logistics companies, covering several business cycles. From fleet management, operation monitoring based on integration with planning, and cold chain traceability, to on-board crew monitoring, road safety, document control and others.

Manufacturing Sector

We have solutions for several business cycles of this sector. From fleet and personnel management, operation monitoring based on integration with planning, to cold chain traceability, on-board crew monitoring, road safety, document control and others.


Integration with ambulance dispatching, personnel assignment based on login, and generation of alarm/beacon events. Home assistance management, sharing of messages and history images of patients through smartphones. Requests for urgent assistance or visit checks through mobile devices.

Our Company

About Us

PAGUSTECH S.R.L. is a young Argentine and regional consulting firm, engaged in M2M / AVL technology, innovation and talent, leader in real and productive value solutions and services. Its product, the Urbetrack platform, is the result of years of development. Its most valuable assets are its employees, who have expertise in the industry and an over 20 years’ track record delivering services to large corporations.

What do we do?

We help you make your business tracking easier, leveraging technology developments. Our software platform allows you to keep traceability of all your assets involved, anywhere, anytime, without engaging exclusively dedicated resources, while receiving immediate notifications of any departure from any of your default business rules.

Our Philosophy


Customizing our services to the functionalities and quality the target market requires.


Becoming the leading Argentine company in localization services, asset management, and telemetry.


Our personnel, dedication and commitment, by undertaking the ongoing risk of moving forward from a technological standpoint.


Strengthening our product functionality and delivery. Defining processes leading to achieve a strong organizational structure.

ISO 9001

We have the TÜV Rheinland certificate in respect of our “Software design and development. Provision of localization services, asset management and telemetry by using remote devices.”

We are now committed to maintaining the level we have attained, by supporting the ongoing development of our employees, our Urbetrack platform, and our customer service.

Some of our customers



We are committed to delivering a customized and efficient service to our customers. To honor this commitment, it is key that our employees deploy their maximum potential.
We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us to join our team. We pursue growth by working ethically and responsibly to give assurance to people wherever we are.


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